IA INTERIOR ARCHITECTS is a design studio with its own identity that makes designs that are tailor and custom made to the client's personality but are also completely in line with the character of the house. Metropolitan, Nouveau Art Deco and thinking 'outside the box' are concepts and styles in which we find our passion. With us, it's not just about design, but also about creating a total experience and offering good service to our clients.



How do we work? Of course we always start with a simple question: 'Do you want some coffee?'.  We would like to know our customers, so by asking some out-of-the-box questions we will have the opportunity to find out the identity of the client and to know the wishes and desires for the project. We distinguish ourselves by combining handmade crafts with current techniques and extraordinary materials to guarantee the desired result.

With very detailed drawing plans, we ensure that everyone understands the result that we strive for. The client is an integral part of the design process and we try to give them a taste of the atmosphere by presenting plans, 3D renders and mood boards. For us, the project is a success when design, timing, budget and result are achieved within the intended goals. To ensure the intended result, our company IA ATELIER can take care of the realization of the finishing objects and products.

We provide in the budget space to finalize a project from start to finish, from construction to seats and decoration. There is nothing so nice when a customer can enter his home, enjoy his or her glass of wine and not have to worry about anything. As a company and as a human being we think that sustainability is key in the world of today. You can read more about this in our mission statement.


Each member of our team offers both support and coordination from the first sketch to the last detail and each of us has its own specific specialization. Our team consists of five permanent members.


Frederik Schiemsky is "the leader of the donkey pack". Since his childhood, Frederik has been passionate about architecture and interior design through the book "Le Corbusier in Antwerp". Frederik started his career after studying architecture at St Lucas in Brussels. With more than 25 years of experience, he has already designed products, furniture and interiors for various renowned Italian companies. He has also designed and realized a number of projects abroad in different countries. His strong character and creative vision led to the launch of our studio:  IA INTERIOR ARCHITECTS.


Since 2014, Katrien has been contributing to the unique identity of IA. After successfully obtaining her master's degree in interior design, she immediately joined IA to fully express her creativity. Katrien is a perfectionist and provides the feminine touch within the company and is the "master in organized chaos". An octopus that places its tentacles on various functions within the company ranging from design, plan layout, graphic layout to administration.


He was already interested in interior design before graduating from the University of Antwerp. His dedication is a worthy addition to the IA team. Antoine ensures a neat and correct implementation of the final plans so that he knows them inside and out. Afterwards he is the point of contact on the sites as a real "construction site ninja". A centipede would describe Antoine well, but because of his enthusiasm and fast acting, a meerkat is more the animal that Antoine describes inside our office. He coordinates the contractors on site, briefs the client and afterwards provides a neat site report from our office.

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